Hello! I’m Kodie welcome to my little spot.

Moscasto and Mudpies was made so I can share my thoughts, experiences , feelings on all things me.This blog isn’t black or white but very gray as it reaches into the many things that make me who I am. It’s about a 20 something use to be party girl now first time mom,a working mom,and military wife.Though I wear many hats and they sometimes run me thin I’m ever so grateful for the experiences and challenges they bring.

Im mother to a 1 yr old happy little boy who is learning to walk and has us on edge all the time.He can melt any heart with a crinkle of his nose and his little smile. 

Im married to an amazing man who serves in the US Navy for the last 13 years. We love to drive each other crazy and enjoy being a couple outside of being parents too. Yes, we still cat call each other and make inappropriate comments when we catch one another jumping out the shower were pretty smitten with each other.We have our differences like any other couple but get through it all. I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend.

I enjoy binge watching whole TV series on Netflix,sushi,taking pictures of my little man,rummaging through Pinterest like I’ve lost something,baking and trying new recipes,animals (have 2 doggies at home),all things girly,girls night,Target,biographical movies,Harry Potter,crafts and organization,hosting events,getting made up with no place to go,and of course blogging.

In this house we have muddy paw prints and sticky fingers,lots of bubble baths,hoarding habits,inside jokes,all day pajama days,dirty dishes, debates and strong opinions,ice cream,video games,2 day old clean clothes still in baskets,always made beds,recycling,mixed religions,temper tantrums,rock concerts with pots and pans,mystery smells,Spanish food and music,lots of memories and Love.

I hope this blog makes you smile and laugh,inspires you and make you appreciate your own blessings like I do mine.